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Titan 1 Upgrade software problems

I am trying to install the upgrade kit for the Titan 1 and can’t get past the first step of updating the firmware. I have Arduino installed and the Marlin file downloaded. The Marlin firmware won’t upload to the Mega 2560 board: it says “Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560” and beneath that: “Configuration.h: No such file or directory”. The Mega board is connected properly to the computer because I have been printing with it with no problem previously. And the light on it blinks when plugged in.
Also, is firmware necessary and/or different than what was originally installed?
I have tried: using other available ports in case I was mistaken, unplugging everything else from the Mega board (except the USB cable), and updating Arduino and its libraries. I also tried hitting the reset buttons both on the outer orange board and the bottom blue board, (although when I did this it was completely unplugged…does that matter?).
I don’t know why this simple step is not working.

The mega 2560 may need to be replaced if you have tried everything.

You may want to check if it has to do with the version of arduino that you have installed, try a older version