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Titan 2 for Sale in Germany / EU

Hi Everyone,

my Titan 2 is for sale. It has still got more than the half of the original starter resin. I just don’t have employment for it. It has only printed the things you cansee on the pictures. Condition is as good as new. All parts from the kit are included, as purchased in August '16. You can get invoice including German VAT/ Mwst if necessary. But of course no warranty from my side :slight_smile: But I gan include orig. KUDO3D invoice.
price: 2800, shipping possible but it is better to pick it up in 86504 Merching/ Germany.



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Georg, hi
I’m potentially interested in buying this printer, but I would need to find out few things before.
Could you please share the reason why you are selling the printer?
Also could you please tell me what kind of settings/modes it has been set up to?
Could you include more pictures of same details, but from a different perspective and a picture of the original invoice from KUDO3D or invoice itself?
Also you could email me on vitjay_with at yahoo dot co dot uk