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Titan2 for sale

Kudo 3D printer type Titan 1 (build in 2015) with upgrade in 2016 to Titan 2.
Ideal for making 3D prints of objects of max 25 cm height.

Extra accessories:

  • 3 new PSP containers soft siliconen V2
  • 4 used PSP containers soft siliconen V2
  • build platform XL
  • build platform normal
  • grease oil
  • new orange cover and therefore hardly any crackle
  • 3x 0.5 liter resin: 1x spot HT, 1x Fun to Do snowwhite, 1x Fin to Do Industrial Blend/red

Printer is easy to take in a box as I did a few times for demonstrations.

The printer can be demonstrated in The Netherlands.
Shipping costs to be payed by the buyer. Total package weight is 15 kilo’s.

The price is €1800 and bits from €1500 are taken into consideration.

For more information on the printer look at: www.kudo3D.com

what is the final price to sell?

What are you willing to pay?

Let me know if your’re interested in the printer.

I am interested in your Titan “2”. Can you PM me? I can`t I am the new guy.

Perhaps I can even pickup the printer myself.

Best regards

the printer is sold.