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To use bean internet connection is needed? and



This should be stupid questions but I’m super new to 3d printer and know nothing so…

Please tell me…

  1. Does Bean3D need internet connection to slice, control and print?
    I am thinking to put the printer in a tiny warehouse which has only electricity .
    can not work to connect only PC to Bean with LAN cable?

  2. It takes hours and hours to print I know but is it safe to leave while printing?
    I mean like leaving the warehouse and go home and come back next morning?

  3. printed object can be broken easily after a while?
    To make it hard the printed object use sun light but if you keep been under the sun light like key chain, will it be brakable?

Thank you for your help.


now I’ve gotten the bean. I conected between mac and bean with an ethernet cable and using Safari to connect “Kudo3D.local” but it happens nothing and the Safari says “no internet connection”.
I know, because there is no internet connection in this room.
So, Can’t you use the bean without internet connection?


You will need a functional network, even if that network is not connected to the Internet.

The way that ethernet works, you cannot connect two devices together with an ordinary patch cable.

The easiest way probably to set up a small local network would be to get a gateway router (the kind you would usually connect to a cable modem or DSL for Internet access). Set that up and connect both the Bean and your computer to that router. You do not need to connect the router to an upstream Internet connection.


Thank you so very much for your reply!!!
Your reply is so very much help to me!! (> <)
I never know this unless you told me.
I try to find the router to connect between them…

Again, thank you so much!!


Dear Jkao,

Please help me again!

I prepared “AtermWD605CV” and “MZK-MF300N” and “LSW-TX-5EPB” swiching hub.
I simply connected

(MZK-MF300N) |
PC---------------------- --LSW-TX-5EPB

But nothing happened.
There is only one ethernet port each router so I connected swiching hub too.
Are there anything (ordinally people know) I have to do except just connecting cables?
Any setting up the router is needed?

OR I just did cmpletely different from what you sugested??

Please help. (> <)

Thank you very much in advance…


I have “wireless-n mini router” too.
Using this, can I connect bean to PC without internet connection?
I tried but nothing happened…
please teach me what to do if it is useable equipment.

Thank you again.


Hard to say. The easiest way to debug this is to first verify if you have multiple PCs connected, whether they can see each other. Once you’ve verified that PCs work properly, then move on to trying the Bean.