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Two bean issues


Hello, have new bean printer but have two issues.

  1. When printing, the teflon film on the bottom of the vat attaches/sticks to the LCD. I have cleaned both the top of the LCD and the bottom surface of the teflon on the vat, and let the properly dry. I did seal the edges of the LCD with kapton tape in case of leaks, it is very thin and non-adhesive on the top side. The teflon sticks to the top of the LCD only where my part is printing. Whats going on?

  2. After the part is finished printing, the build platform goes to maximum up position. When it finally comes to a stop the platform lock knob is interfering with the cover and so lifts the green cover off of the printer. I’m concerned as I often start a print before I leave work and so it sits all night semi-open allowing light in and stink out. Can I change how high it goes after a print?

  1. Both the LCD panel and the FEP film are very smooth surfaces, so there will be some non-adhesive adhesion similar to a vinyl sticker on a glass window. The peeling action of the PSP hinge should easily be able to overcome this. Are you finding that you’re having specific problems printing objects?

  2. This one was a stumper for me as well when I first got the printer because in a bout of unconscious OCD, I always tried to put the cover on with the curved edge facing forward. If you put the cover on with the curved edge facing left or right (like all of the marketing images of the printer), it should fit even when the build plate is at the top.



  1. Yes, having trouble with a particular part, have tried adding holes to break vacuum but I think I made them too small, they fill with resin which doesn’t easily flow out. Part can’t accommodate larger holes. So I added supports to raise it off the bed but part broke at the support tips and stuck on the teflon. Will adjust timings such that support tips are imaged longer.

  2. Got it, thanks, I feel really stupid now.

  3. Went to print again this AM but printer was not lit up, power switch still on. Checked the power supply and it was dead, looks like I’ll have to order another. Good news is they are only $17 thru amazon and I will have it tomorrow. Hopefully it died gracefully and didn’t take out any of the internal electronics with it.


I see. On (1), generally speaking the amount of adhesion between the part and the film is much higher than any surface adhesion between the LCD and the film.

If you’re having problems where the part is breaking during the lift sequence, there are a few possible approaches to remedy that:

(1) Add exposure and/or part strength (by thickening features) on a given layer to ensure that the part is strong enough to engage the PSP hinge (e.g. part needs to be strong enough to pull up the vat and tilt it a little bit)

(2) Reduce lift speed to reduce the lifting stresses (e.g. spread out the separation force over a longer span of time to reduce the likelihood of breaking the part).

(3) Occasionally, reducing exposure will also reduce the amount of part adhesion to the film, but this is hard to reason about, so I generally stick to adjusting (1) and (2).


Well, I replaced the PS with a new one and now the bean won’t connect through kudo3d.local anymore. In fact, when I power it up the green leds come on but the fan on the back stays off. I opened the back to see if there were any flashing leds on the Pi. The red power is on steady, the green SD card flashes like it’s reading OK but that’s all I can see. Where the ethernet cable attaches to my router flashes continuously don’t know if this is good or bad. Not sure what to do now.