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UHR resin print adhering to printing bed


Hi everyone I have been using UHR resin to print. I am currently running into problems as the print continues to adhere to the printing bed within the first to second hour of printing. I have tried using larger slices (30 microns) and have gone down to smaller slices (10 microns). I have also tried a variety of exposure times ranging from 20 sec to 30 sec per layer for the first few layers to try and increase adhesion to the printing plate. If anyone has any advice they could recommend as to ensure that my prints stick to the printing plate I would really appreciate it. I can also provide more information if necessary.


Have you found that the part prints successfully with other resins but not UHR?

Typically if there is a problem with build-plate adhesion failing late in the print, it usually has something to do with the orientation of the part or the size of the raft.

You need to orient the part so that as much as possible, the XY surface area of each layer tends to decrease as the print progresses. You should also try increasing the area of the raft in order to provide more adhesion to build plate.

It would be helpful if you could post pictures of what the failed part looks like in the resin tray after failure, and a picture of what the layout and orientation of the part in your slicer looks like.