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Unable to access kudo3d.local/

i can access the controlling software before, but now i can’t access to kudo3d.local/

Here are the photo of the machine, is there any part was not connected?

I’m having the same problem. I thought maybe it just got disconnected from the network, however, the wifi access point isn’t available either. I don’t see any LEDs lit up on the boards or on the front of the machine. I’m thinking maybe a fuse blew?? I haven’t used it for a few days and it was working fine before.

The network device name for raspberry pi is “kudo3d” by default. When Titan 2 is first connected to the router, an IP address is dynamically assigned to the network adapter. The router links the alias name “kudo3d” to this specific IP address. Sometimes, your router may assign a different IP to the same network adapter before the IP is released.
As a result, your computer can not talk to raspberry pi using kudo3d.local because this name is linked to the old IP which is not used. In order for your computer to connect to raspberry pi, you would need to type in the new IP address in the browser directly before the old IP is released. To find out the IP address of the network adapter of raspberry pi, you can login to your router’s admin page or download “advanced IP scanner”.