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Unable to change screen resolution on CreationWorkshop

Hello everyone ,
Since I’ve uprated my printer with Titan 2 kit ,the projector is not directly plugged to my pc anymore, so that when it comes to set screen size on C.W. it only see my main screen resolution witch is 2560x1440.
It does not allow to set parameters manually , and is impossible to have correct size/resolution .

how Titan 2 owners print with C.W. if they don’t have FHD monitor?
someone is usiung different slicer?

Thanks for the help.

You need to edit the configuration files by hand. I am not in front of a machine with CW right now, but there should be a couple of text files in the directory with it in some sub folders. If you look in there you should be able to see where the resolutions are set. Just edit those by hand.

Thank you Josh for the advice,

I’ve looked inside the CW folder, but I wasn’t able to find the right line…

should be good, since there are no other options as slicer software, that Kudo’s company makes a guide to do that.

Also considering that nowadays lot of people has bigger than FHD displays

You should have a Profiles and Machines folder in the CW folder. Edit those text files.

Sorry for the stupid question:

I’m using Creation w. for the first time ,and the .png outpout is blu colour over black background, is it normal? or there is something wrong ?

Yes, thank you very much , I’ve got the files to change and it worked fine!

The blue is a setting in CW. Should be white.

I’ just reviewed all the commands in CW but nothing seems related to color or similar ,
any suggestion about where could it be?

Got it!..

It is under “file”“preferences”