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Understand Parameters for miniatures


Hello everybody!
I’m Lorenzo , CEO of Greebo Games. We produce miniatures from years and before get a Titan2 we used an Envisiontec where printing process was really different: you simple press Create Slice and than Print and all go fine. (supporting all manually in Magic).
Here with the Titan 2 it’s a real trauma because even I tried to red more tan one time the user manual but I really can’t understand the “rules” to set parameters .
For example I have this model with two file, support and base model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j0ktpwn64rshonn/Gabbiano%20sprue.stl?dl=0

I’m using the resin S-PRO with 26Micron res

How can i understand which parameters put in? I need to get some data from somewhere? I need to make some calculation?

Thanks for your help, I’m really away from any solution…


I suggest that you read the Titan 2 software manual listed at https://www.kudo3d.com/downloads/ in order to understand the toolchain.

The first thing you will need to do is combine your two STL files into a single merged STL file. You can do that using Meshmixer or Netfabb but loading the two models and then exporting a single combined STL file.

Once you have the single STL file that represents what you want to print, you will need to follow the software manual to slice the file, upload it, and then configure the exposure and lift settings.

For Spot S-Pro, the recommended exposure settings are listed at:

Make sure the read the notes at the bottom of that page, for suggestions as to how many zones you need and what multuiples of the recommended exposure times you need for each zone.