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Usage of IPA

My question is regarding the usage of IPA. I have seen some of the people submerging their printed objects in IPA before UV curing it and there are some who do not use IPA at all. So, why we need IPA at the first place? What are problems will occur if we do not use IPA for post processing? Is there any alternate method for UV curing if we don’t have those specific lamps etc?

Different resins will have different cleaning behavior. IPA will act as a resin solvent across all currently available resins, so is commonly used. Some resins can be effectively cleaned through soap’s surfactant action alone, some are harder to clean this way. Thus depending on the resin you use and your cleaning techniques, you may or may not be able to get an equivalent result through soap and water alone.

For example, agitating in IPA will work for nearly all resins, but for soap and water, you may need brushing or ultrasonic cleaning depending on what resin you use and the shape of the parts you are printing.

Without post-curing, leftover uncured resin will leave a resinous residue that will make the part annoying to touch.
With post-curing, leftover uncured resin add unintended additional solid volume to your part wherever it remains.

If you don’t have access to UV lamps, you can use the sun.