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Used printer wanted


I’m looking for a second hand Titan1 printer with little previous usage. I don’t require vats or UV dome on top. Anyone in Australia?..or wherever?


I have a used Titian 2 that I am looking to sell. I have had it for about six months. It is a really good printer, but im looking to replace it with a FDM printer to better fit the application i’m going for. I live in Houston Texas USA. If you are interested, let me know.


Any idea on what you want for it?


I was thinking something like $2500. I don’t have any new resin vats, but I do have resin left over (General Black, Maker Juice SF white, and some spot a hard and tough).


I would be willing to negotiate the price a bit, but I would like to get this printer sold soon.


I have a Titan 1 for sale with extra resin vats, resin etc. We decided to outsource our 3d printing and don’t have a need for it. Barely used as we never dedicated resources to getting it up and running. How much are you looking to spend?


Where are you located? Could you email me directly to discuss a suitable price? dentalworx@gmail.com