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Want to change Projector

I want to change projector, right now i have viewsonic projector
Now i want replace this projector with LED based projector, light source will be LED because of life span of LED and Uniformity of LED is much higher then Mercury Lamp as my assumption. is it true?
So guys please suggest the LED projector which is suitable to machine?

For LED, the short answer is no, there is no LED projector you can buy today that will be a drop-in substitute for a mercury lamp DLP projector.

LEDs have very selective light frequency output, and current LED projectors do not emit any near-UV spectrum that is necessary to cure resin. There have been attempts made to replace the RGB LEDs in consumer-grade LED projectors with UV LEDs, however I have not seen any examples of this being done successfully.

The closest progress I have seen is people using the Lightcrafter 4500 (http://www.ti.com/tool/dlplcr4500evm) as the DLP system and then using Luminus CBT-39-UV LED emitter (http://www.luminus.com/products/CBT-39-UV.html).

As far as out-of-the-box projectors go, the Viewsonic PJD7820HD and the Acer 6510BD are the only projectors I know of that will function without modification. Both are essentially identical and the Titan 1 ships with one of these.

If you are willing to attempt lens modification, there have been some good reports on the Acer X152H with regards to its image sharpness and uniformity. You will need to do some work and void your warranty in order to make this work:

hi james
actually i waws taking about UV LED based DLP Project like DELL M115HD but its not FULL HD
So is it possible that i can use this type of UV based LED projector in TITAN 1 without any modification?
Any suggestion for UV based LED projector?

Where are you getting the specs for the Dell M115HD that indicate that it has a UV LED? From what I can tell, it’s a standard consumer/business projector used to project visible images. A UV LED would be unusual for this class of projector since UV is both invisible and harmful to the eyes.

It’s also possible, but unlikely that this projector would have the optics necessary for unmodified close projection. There would be no way to know this in advance unless you try it, but given how few projectors have the necessary optics today, the odds are stacked against you.

hi james
i have another 3d printer that is ASIGA 39pico
it has DELL M115Hd Projector inside
so does it means that they have modified Consumer Grade LED to UV LEDs in that?

I wouldn’t know whether they modified it or whether they had a special version made, but given Asiga offers both 385nm and 405nm versions of their printer, it’s extremely unlikely that a projector you could buy at retail would be capable of outputting both of those frequencies.

Not sure which LED projector Zortrax is using but this is just been released with little specifications

Similar to the Bean printer but does use LED even light I believe.