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What is the best way to clean your vat..?

I have tried a soft rinse with soap and water, but that does not seem to do a great job and with all of the admonitions against touching the thing I am terrified of effing the vat up.

What kind of advice can I get on the best way of cleaning this thing without breaking it…?

What resin?
This is my way, and it isn’t for everybody, nor is it what kudo3d recommends, so take it with those caveats. How I clean it: I don’t.
My last vat lasted more than 500hrs of printing. After each print I strain the resin back into a bottle, use a rubber squeegee to get the settled resin out and back into the bottle, shake it up and pour it back in. That is it. No soap and water, no IPA.
My current vat is around 200hrs.

Take a look at the cleanup section at:


I’ve linked a video that demonstrates cleanup in detail, and outlined the general highlights.

If you make any discoveries about the cleanup process or develop any process improvements, please update the wiki and post your findings here.

@Joshua: I have read one of your earlier posts regarding your laborious vat cleaning regimen and can tell you that I find it awe inspiring, terrifying and to be taken under advisement. :wink:

That having been said, Thank you for your response. I will consider it. So far I am only using the Makerjuice G+ Red that came with my printer.

Being a lazy slob, the only real issue I have with your “I’ll clean my vats when they pry 'em from my cold dead hands…” philosophy is that I have a number of other resins that I want to try, including the 3DM-ABS, 3DM-Cast, and Spot-HT and am a bit nervous about mixing them with the leavings of their predecessors in a communal vat.

@Jkao: Thanks for the link. I will check it out later on today.

Whew, tell me about it. I ran two prints today and man do I dread the cleanup! :wink:

I mix spot-ht and G+ in the same emptied out vat all the time. I wouldn’t use ABS and Cast that way as they eat the vat in their down time.