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When to replace teflon film


New to the Kudo3D Bean. Unit is working very well so far … but a general question … when do you know when to replace the Teflon film? And, if it tears - doesn’t it leak all the resin onto the glass?


Wear from printing won’t cause the Teflon to tear. Rather, the surface of the film may become cloudy over time. The effect of this is somewhat subjective based on what it is that you are printing, but if you find that there are artifacts on your prints, that may indicate that the film needs to be changed.


In a video on youtube we see how to change the film teflon use.
Only an unknown product is put on the edge to make sealed,
There is no indication what is this product …
Someone has an idea ??


silicone sealant. any 100% pure silicone sealant (often sold aquarium sealant or aquarium caulk)