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Why are the prints so slow?


I printed the rook and it took me 5hr 20 mins, this i my first print on the bean but i dont think this is normal because i have used other sla printers which print it much faster.
Also i used the castable resin supplied from kudo3d and didnt make any changes to advanced settings.

Is this normal for this printer or am i doing something wrong?


There is a tradeoff between speed and probability of success. You print faster by lifting faster and reducing the lift distance. However, if you lift too fast or if you don’t lift enough, your print will fail.

The “Basic” settings appear to be conservatively designed and maximize your probability for a success over a range of different potential object geometries.

If you want to tune your settings to go faster, you can go into advanced mode and begin to tweak the settings.


I tried to print using the basic settings, but it didnt workout. so now trying different settings for the 3dsr cast resin. trial and error is the way to go it seems because there isnt much info about the resin.
It would be appreciable if kudo3d could provide some settings for resin which they sell for the bean.


You will likely need to use Bean formulated resins in the Bean (or 3rd party resins formulated specifically for LCD based printers). Titan formulated resins will likely be extremely slow on the Bean since the DLP projector has a light intensity that is many times more powerful than what is available on LCD based printers like the Bean.


I am using a resin formulated by bean(that’s what kudo3d said to me). But still not able to gett the desired results in the recommended settings and my settings improved it a bit but still not good.