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Why should I bother paying for KUDO 3D SW?


I’m trying to slice a rather simple object https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-swirl-48774
(Printer is Bean)

When I load the file I’m told the object is too large(which it probably is… )and is offered to have it scaled down. This seems to work, until I change the view angle. Then I see that the top is missing. And I end up scaling it down to 0.7 to make it all be visible.

Ends up scaling it all the way to 0.5. Interestingly, the scaling is cummulative. So every time you do a scaling it’s taking the previous size as ‘1’.

Switch to side view to take a look, and the ‘bottom’ of the mesh is halfway up the screen. Weird…
Switch to top view to move the object off to one side to extend the life of the film in the tub a little longer… Awkward way to move the object.
Tries duplicating. Selects 3 copies. Get 2 copies, both of which ends up outside the build platform…

Switch to bottom view to add a couple of supports…
Except that only one of the objects are visible. The other 2 are ‘below’ the bottom edge of the screen.

Why no scroll bars or zoom function?


Also, if you add another .STL, either by importing or by copying, then later regret it, how do you delete it?
(Besides starting over, loading the project from file - who saves all the time+ - or stepping back maybe dozens of Undo steps… )