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Z-axis unresponsive

EDIT: False alarm. After taking the time to write this post, I gave it one more try and the motor started working. I’m puzzled, but pleased.

I just bought a used Titan 1 and I’m setting it up. I followed the instructions up to step 3.6 where you should be able to move the Z-axis up and down using the software. The software connects successfully to the Mega2560 and the last message in the log window is:

start Z
SENDING:G92 Z 0.00

Nothing happens after that. When I click the +/- 10,1,.1 buttons, nothing happens. Complete silence from the Z motor. The log window does nothing. The Z motor power is plugged in and I carefully studied the plug position on the board.


I have had this happen and it seemed to be a USB comms issue. Restarting everything resolved it but I never figured out what caused it.

I have the same problem with a brand new printer, but i tried everything and its not working for me.

Hi Filipe,

Just answered to your other post! Please send us an email at contact@kudo3d.com.

Kudo3D Team